South Boston Real Estate

The real estate market across the country is very flat right now and it is definitely a buyers market. One market that is not so flat is South Boston real estate. They really have weathered the storm quite well considering markets like Miami, San Diego, Arizona and Las Vegas. All were booming markets for many years up until 2005.

You can find discounted rates of up to 25 percent in some markets but not South Boston real estate. Although the Boston real estate market has lost a little of its Mojo it still remains a very consistent money maker. Most of the homes in South Boston are condos or single family homes. The condos were often converted from apartments from many years ago.

South Boston is a bustling neighborhood and a very short distance to Boston. This makes the area prime real estate for those that work in and around the Boston area. You can take public transportation and be at your office in Boston within a few short minutes. That really takes some major stress out of your life. Think about your commute and how frustrated and aggravated you get on a daily basis. Imagine being able to eliminate that just because you live close by. How much is that worth to you?

Quality of life has a price and believe it or not living close to where you work is a huge stress reliever and definitely improves the quality of your life. Another reason to buy in South Boston is because the real estate remains a great investment. When other cities were taking 25 percent declines in price in 2005 South Boston lost only 5 percent. In 2006 they regained what they had lost and now they are increasing in value once again. South Boston is a great investment.

Another great reason to buy in South Boston is that it is within walking distance to so many great places and activities. You can walk to the beach, to restaurants, bars, shopping and more. The views in the city are extraordinary and worth the price of admission. It is the reason why you would buy a great place in South Boston. Some of the roof tops add considerable value to a home in the city.

If you are looking for South Boston property you may want to hire an agent from the area. Good real estate agents are hard to find. You will want someone who lives in the neighborhood or who knows the area very well. They will be able to give you the ins and outs objectively. Truth is it is difficult to choose one but go with someone with a strong reputation.

South Boston has become a hub for young urban professionals. This is very different from the blue collar folks of the past. Many townies have left South Boston due to the rise in property values. This has really changed the landscape of people who live in Southie.

The main driving force behind South Boston real estate is condos. This is partly because many apartments were converted into condos. These condos were old apartments and many have been converted into updated state of the art condos. These units have granite gourmet kitchens, hardwood floors, fireplaces and much more. What was once an old apartment is now a beautiful condo.

The beauty of South Boston is its location not only to Boston but to the south as well. It is only a 50 minute drive to Cape Cod and Providence Rhode Island. There is so much to see and do and just a short drive away. Many locals will drive to Cape Cod for their weekends. This is a New England tradition for many years.

South Boston features very compact neighborhoods and small streets. One block of real estate could be priced lower than the next block or street over. The closer you get to the water also increases the price of South Boston real estate. Your real estate agent must know these little details to get you the best possible selling price or the best possible buying price. It is extremely important to really sit down with your agent and go over your budget and needs. This is a critical step in finding you the best property available.

A lot of unscrupulous agents will try and up sell you into a property you may not be able to afford. If this happens find yourself a new agent. Remember, you are the customer and you want an honest agent.